More Updates

4 Jun

New Items

Dark Red Blouse- 300 coins

Heart Tank Top- 400 coins

Blue Tux Shirt- 250 coins

Green Blouse- 350 coins


Mens Red Vest- 300 coins

Mens Short Pants- 300 coins

Yellow Hipster- 450 coins

Green Flannel skirt- 500 coins

Grey Cut offs- 400 coins

Green Tracci Bottoms- 600 coins

Baggy Yellow- 400 coins

Baggy Purple- 450 coins

Yellow Grid Pants- 400 coins

New discounts

Pink Spot Pants- were 800 coins, now 650 coins

NBA shirts – were 80-90 cazmo cash, now 70 cazmocash each

Purple&pink fuzzy slippers- pink were 60 cazmocash, now 20 cazmocash

 Purple were 40 cazmocash, now 20

Mouse slippers- were 60 cazmocash, now 30 cazmocash

New cazmocash clothing items-

Funky Blue- 30 cc

Diamond duds- 50 cc

Pink and Black bellbottoms- 30 cc

Hipster Jeans- 30 cc

Inferno Pants- 40 cc

New coinz pants and shoes-

Yellow Striped- 350 coins

Aqua Striped Pants- 700 coins

Cool Cow Pants- 300 coins

Belted Khakis- 500 coins

Army Cargos- 550 coins

Stripe Shorts- 300 coins

New Coins Surfboards-

900 coins each

Pink Paddler

Turtle Tail

Seagull- 700 coins

Mystic Eyes- 800 coins

New Mens swimming trunks

Green and Blue- 600 coins


Wow, lot’s of updates right! Well save up all your cc and cazmo coins and get all this new or returned stuff!

_-_Pigs Might Fly_-_




4 Jun

So this is the June updates on planet cazmo


Green Bentley- 300 coins

Pink Sun Shade- 400 coins

Blue Wool Cap- 400 coins

Soda Hat- 40 cazmo cash

Purple Rebel- 600 coins

Sideways Cap- 300 coins

Purple Bonnet- 350 coins

Magneta Cap- 300 coins


The Gummibar items prices have changed

New Clothes

Dark Blouse- 300 coins

Hip Vest- 300 coins

Star Shirt Collection- purple white star, white green star, black green star. Total for the whole collection- 1,500 coins

New GAGA shirt- white gaga- 300 coins,Purple gaga, black gaga, pink gaga, white gaga. Total for whole collection- 1,200 coins

New vote o rama girls tee- pink and vote-o-rama logo, 400 coinz!


New name

1 Jun

hey i changed my name from Debaun to Pigs Might Fly. So if u see that name, it’s me. Dont worry u can still call me debz!

How to get free cazmo cash

1 Jun

1.First go to the Planet Cazmo home page then click on Get Cazmo Cash

2. There will be something that says   buy Cazmo Cash but if you don’t want to buy the cash, there is a button on the same page thats say’s “Take a Survey  and earn Cazmo Cash”. Click on it .


You can also refer a friend to play planet cazmo

1. Go on the Planet Cazmo newspaper and click “Tell a friend” button

2. Write your friend’s email , select any greeting for your friend then send it

Note: For every reffer you make you will get 50 Cazmo Cash and 200 Cazmo Coins just if the friend you sent the email activated and made the account.

Xat Group

28 May

I just made a Xat chat group! Click on the link button on the side below that say’s – Xat Chat Group. Enjoy!


28 May

xl Rainbow xl has been calling me a boy. I dont know why she is spreading rumors about me but it’s starting to get on my nerves. She’s also saying that I signed up as a boy, have boy hair and boy clothes, and that i asked her out whan i was a boy. All of those things are FALSE. I signed up as a girl with girl hair, girl clothes, and never asked her out. IM A GIRL!I think she’s saying these things to cover up that she is a boy. Idk! But fyi Debaun is a last name not a boys name, nor a first name. It’s not even a name! So if your reading this can you please tell xl rainbow xl to stop.

Save the Mods part 1

26 May

To begin the quest, go to the down town, and then to the mall.

Then click on Mama Caz, who is near the pink hairshop building.

Mama Caz will say, My saints, you’re  an answer prayer! I was hoping you’d ask me about the zibs! Uh, i mean, about hats and haircuts!

Than you say… Zibs? Hah? Wha? Hah?

Next, You have to find all the members of the Funky Five.

The Funky Five

1. The Crocodile Guy who is located in the down town at the lake.  get the code, and find the next member of the Funkky Five.

2. the Panda.

3. the Lizard who is at the theater in downtown.

4. The Gorilla who is out side the garage, in downtown.

5. the Giraffe who is located in the cazmo club in down town.

Now go to the town square and talk to the wolf guy, phrux.

Now you have to talk to all the Funky Five over again, ecept in a certain order.

1. the girraffe.

2. the Panda.

3. the ape guy

4. the crocodile

5. the lizard

Now go talk to Mama Caz at the mall. Now you’ve completed the first part of the quest!

You now earned the cpc outfit, and can go into the Zibs center by talking to Mamma Caz.

Then, you have to wait until the Zib with the ! over his head says it’s time for another quest.